Rompcakes: Brand Packaging

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Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! Today we're featuring a look inside the small business venture Kellie and I are embarking on - Rompcakes by KatieandKellie. Curious? Have no idea what we're talking about? (Ha!) Click the tab 'Shop Rompcakes' in the above menu bar to find out more info + see pics. Basically, Kel and I are creating one-piece dance wear rompers.

This new journey has been incredibly fun and exciting but also frustrating, scary, confusing, and daunting. I have to say, having a partner/twin-in-crime to work through the numerous issues we've had opening the business has been amazing. I couldn't do it without Kel! <3

One of our biggest challenges was nailing down the brand packaging for our rompers. We're both very visual people, so presentation is everything. We want our customers to feel excited when they open their Rompcakes! Here's a sneak peek into our branding journey.

Have ideas or comments? We'd love to hear them!



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Also, somewhat related, here's an insanely cute drawing created by a fan (@ejrart) via instagram! Check out our insta pages: @katiecockrell @kelliecockrell & @katieandkellie #rompcakes for daily updates on our Rompcakes journey. See you over there!

Travel often, and do it now.

Have you read the widely-circulated, seriously-on-point, essay by Jeff Goins titled, "Why You Should Travel Young?" what about this Medium article by Adam London urging the point why traveling when your young is so important to shaping your life? I read both, and strongly encourage you to read as well. I was getting emotional just reading them. TRAVELING is out-of-this-world amazing, the absolute best thing I've ever done and highly, highly recommend everyone do. The experiences I've had (limited in scope to the places I want to go) literally changed my life.

When you travel, you come back an entirely different person. A person who no longer has horse-blinders on, one that literally cannot help but see a more expanded view of themselves and the world around them. Your eyes are forever changed - everything you see, you believe is changed for the better.

For me, growing up in an ultra-conservative place like Utah, traveling meant realizing that the world wasn't a tiny bubble where everyone had blonde hair and blue eyes. The WORLD is IMMENSELY huge and beautiful. The incredible diversity, culture, art, language, PEOPLE that you experience while traveling makes one (me, at least) feel incredibly grateful and lucky to be alive on this planet. To have so many amazing places to see and experience makes life seem so great, so wonderful, so worthy. Traveling makes this possible. Without travel, there is singularity - oneness in a way that is so lacking it's like eating only bananas your entire life. It's crippling and, I dare say, damaging to not travel. Mostly, because you only see the world from one vantage point, there's no comparison to actually being on the streets of Rome learning about hundreds of years of human history, walking through the notoriously controversial red-light district in Amsterdam, or standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland afraid you might fall into the great abyss of ocean below.

So, TRAVEL, and do it now. Don't wait, tomorrow is not guaranteed.



More Adventures

I love sharing inspiring articles and posts, and this article by EliteDaily is one that I definitely want to share - "Why You Should Move To A New City Where You Don't Know A Soul." I knew that I would love this article just from the title.

When Kellie and I moved to Los Angeles, we literally knew maybe 5 people, in the entire city! I was 21, scared, fresh, determined, and un-jaded (yep, made that word up) enough to think I could make it in this new, amazing place. And, no matter what, through the ups and the downs. I will always be extremely grateful for that experience I gave myself, because I learned SO much about myself, my goals, and how I wanted to live my life.

GO on more adventures. TRAVEL. DO what scares you.

Great thoughts for a Monday.


Fave snippets from the article:

Your 20s are your years of freedom, before mortgages, kids and general grown-up responsibilities kick in. Too many people let fear of the unknown stop them from taking chances and forget that only with great risk comes great reward.
A foreign city opens up a diverse mix of people and cultures, including locals who have vastly different perspectives and experiences to yours, and will enrich and widen your outlook on life.
You need to leave your hometown to realize how big the world is and how many different ways of life are out there. People have probably told you, β€œThe world is your oyster.” Well, it really is. Once you open your mind to the possibilities of moving and traveling, you can go wherever you want. Move like the wind. Welcome change with open arms and live in whatever country, city, town or neighborhood that suits your rhythm and desires.

To read the full article, click here.